is complete destruction of all microscopic life including pathogens and endospores on inanimate objects

In light of the circumstances that the world is exposed to from the current Coronavirus pandemic, Dar Al-Dawa Company seeks to always be the leader in the field of providing you with its sterilization services and materials.

Today, Dar Al-Dawa Company offers its Oxygiene product at affordable prices. Oxigiene is currently approved from the JFDA, along with approval of its substance from the FDA & the Royal Scientific Society for Quality to eliminate 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria, including its effectiveness on Coronavirus.

 Features of our product:

1-completely safe on the respiratory system and skin,

2-completely safe for food, vegetables and fruits

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مادة تعقيم آمنه

Oxygiene 5L

Public Price: 25JD

مادة تعقيم فعاله لكورونا

Oxygiene 100Ml

Public Price: 2JD

نادة تعقيم لدار الدواء

Oxygiene 1L

Public Price: 6JD

مادة تعقيم لكورونا

Oxygiene 500ML

Public Price: 3.5JD

What is Electrolyzed Water Sanitization?

Electrolyzed water is an antimicrobial solution.

Generated from the electrolysis of salt and water.

The process is called electrolysis and involves applying a direct electric current (DC) across a pair of electrodes immersed in a solution of ions to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction.

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How effective is electrolyzed water?

Most pathogens are killed immediately on-contact.

Electrolyzed water kills 100x more effectively than bleach.